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Career Information and Exploration

Center for Occupational Research and Development
...provides leadership in developing a more productive competitive workforce
Job Descriptions
...a good starting point for students to access short descriptions of hundreds of different jobs
Job Interview Questions
...a variety of occupations and questions that might be encountered in an interview
Job Smart : Career Guides
...a site with nicely arranged links to career information
Journal of Vocational and Technical Education
...a scholarly journal dealing with vocational and technical education
Making It Real
..."a comprehensive, free resource for teachers and administrators in technical education seeking to employ inquiry-based methodology in the classroom"
...a series of articles fromVocational Education Journaldealing with resources on the Net
National Center for Research in Vocational Education
...publications and reports from the nation's largest center for research and development in work-related education
Vocational Information Center
...links to career exploration, job market, post-secondary education, reference resources and teacher resources in vocational education
Vocational/Technical Education Listservs

VoTech Education
...a wonderful set of categories and links to things related to vocational-technical education