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Culinary Arts

Hospitality Skills Standards and Competency Tests from the CareerTech Testing Center..
Hospitality: Bakery Cook
Hospitality: Cashier
Hospitality: Cold Food/Prep Cook
Hospitality: Hot Food Cook
Hospitality: Food Handler - Introductory
Hospitality: Manager
Hospitality: Server

Nut Knowledge

Do you know your nuts? Check out the site below.

Know About Nuts?

MAVCC's Culinary Arts Series — Curriculum

Culinary Concepts
Culinary Techniques
Advanced Pastry Arts
Beverage Management

MAVCC's Culinary Arts Series — Free Resources

MAVCC's Culinary Arts Series is crosswalked to the American Culinary Federation's Standards. These crosswalks may be downloaded for free at http://mavcc.com/resourcesCW.htm .