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Graphic Communications

Graphic Communications Skills Standards and Competency Tests from the CareerTech Testing Center...
Advertising Design: Copy Center Technician
Advertising Design: Graphic Designer
Advertising Design: Illustrator
Advertising Design: Production Artist
Graphic Communications: Bindery Operator
Graphic Communications: Digital Prepress Technician
Graphic Communications: Offset Press Operator
Graphic Communications: Prepress Assembler
Media Production: Editor
Media Production: Motion Graphics Artist
Media Production: Producer
Media Production: Production Assistant
Media Production: 3D Modeler
Media Production: 3D Animator

MAVCC's Graphic Communications Series Curriculum

Orientation to Graphic Communications
Press Operations, Binding and Finishing
Digital File Preparation and Output
Advertising and Design

Graphic Communications Series — Free Resources From MAVCC

Typography Links

abc Typography — A Virtual Museum of Typography
List of Museums of Typography Worldwide
Public Lettering — A walk through central London with Phil Baines
The Evolution of Type
Type Culture: A Digital Type Foundry and Academic Resource
Type Directors Club
Type Measurement
WhatTheFont — Identifies a font by image
Will Harris’ Typophile Magazine
I Love Typography

PrintED Competencies

Introduction to Graphic Communications
Advertising & Design
Digital File Preparation
Offset Press Operations
Binding & Finishing
Digital File Output
Digital Production Printing
Screen Printing Technology
Advanced Offset Press Operations
Advanced Digital File Preparation

MAVCC's Graphic Communications Series is endorsed by PrintED. Each of the four publications in the Graphic Communications Series contains a Crosswalk to PrintED Competencies, aligning each book with the appropriate PrintED competency list. MAVCC's Crosswalks to PrintED Competencies may be downloaded for free at http://www.mavcc.com/resourcesCW.htm .

Bubbl.us is a free, web application that allows you to brainstorm online. This easy-to-use application is an awesome tool for graphic designers to use in creating mind maps, outlines of projects, meeting notes, and much more. It's very basic. You just click on the page to add a box, enter information, connect it to another box and continue.

Creative Pro--Where Creatives Go To Know

This website includes information for designers and other graphic communicators in both print and digital formats.
Creative Pro

Website Usability

7 best practices for improving website usability
Improving Website Usability

QR Codes in the Classroom.

Forty tips for using QR codes in the classroom.
QR Codes in Classroom