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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

STEM Behind Hollywood

This is a program Texas Instruments has created with help from the Science & Entertainment Exchange to help get students interested in STEM subjects.

Genetic Science

The University of Utah’s Genetic Science Learning Center has a great website on genetics. From the basics to virtual labs, you can find a variety of great information at http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/

Trades Math Workbook

This site provides resources for measurement and calculation; money math; scheduling, budgeting, and accounting; and data analysis.
Math Workbook

Biology Animations

This site has animations ranging from mitosis to peptide bond formation and much more!


NEWTON, Ask a Scientist, is an online community created to enhance knowledge in the areas of science, math, and computer science. It was designed for K-12 educators and has information to increase knowledge for students and teachers too. The teachers' section of the NEWTON website offers ideas for science projects, field trip ideas, reference links, educational games, lesson plans, and an area where educators can submit content and ideas! There is also a section on the website to "Ask a Scientist" questions.
NEWTON Teacher section/
Ask a Scientist

Math and Science Handbooks

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has a website that features handbooks on math and science topics ranging all the way from basic mathematics to nuclear physics!
Complete Listing of Handbooks
Mathematics, volume 1 of 2
Mathematics, volume 2 of 2
Classical Physics
Chemistry, volume 1 of 2
Chemistry, volume 2 of 2

Earth Science

Earth's Dynamic Systems book is available for download at
Earth's Dynamic Systems


Thousands of video lessons from great teachers all around the world.

Science of Light

The Optical Society's website has tons of information on the science of light. Here are a few highlights and links!
  • Optical Society Home Page
  • Lighten Up! Discovering the Science of Light, is a resource guide for girls, ages 11 - 15 developed by the OSA Foundation, OSA volunteers and the Girl Scouts of the USA. Lighten Up!
Classroom activities on color and vision, lasers, lenses and more can be found at the link below:


The Quizlet website offers flash cards over various topics. The Math and Science cards cover chemistry, engineering, mathematics, life sciences, health sciences, earth sciences, and physics. The Professional & Careers cards cover computers and engineering.


NASA Engineering Design Process- NASA’s definition and outline for the engineering design process.


Math and science video lessons from MIT
STEM Resources from MIT

More Resources

Simplified Version of Engineering Design Process

Discovery Education Siemens STEM Academy - great, free resource, with tons of information and lessons. - excellent resource.

Introduction to Engineering presentation- presentation I created for students that introduces them to engineering careers and concepts.

Science of Everyday Life - free resource from Discovery Education that has great ideas and resources for relating science to everyday life. - excellent resource.

Engineering Career Resources from CBIA (CT Business and Industry Assoc.) - free career descriptions, videos, and teacher resources on science, engineering and health careers. - excellent resource.

Science Channel’s Be The Future - resources, links, lesson plans, and more all about STEM.

Change the Equation - resources to improve teaching and learning in STEM

STEM Coalition - resources, links, lesson plans, and more for STEM Education. - excellent resource.

Pratt and Whitney - How a Jet Engine Works

NASA at Home and City - space developments related to life on Earth

List of Engineering Resources to use in school with students. Lots of great resources listed here.

Ask Polaris - engineering career help and advice

Head Rush - great show on the Science Channel about science. Spin off from Mythbusters (another great way to get kids excited about science).

Forensics are another great way to get students excited about STEM subjects:
CSI The Experience Web Adventures- great resource

PhET- Online, free simulations and virtual labs for science and math

The Spangler Effect and Sick Science Videos- YouTube based science experiments that are the creations of Steve Spangler Science.The primary difference is in length as The Spangler Effect videos are approximately fifteen minutes in length and the Sick Science videos are typically three minutes or less. Very interesting and great fun!