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Skills Standards

Skills Standards & Assessment Index

The CareerTech Testing Center (CTTC) works closely with instructors, program administrators, industry representatives, and credentialing entities to ensure skills standards and assessments reflect national standards and local industry needs and meet the requirements for end-of-course and technical skills assessments.

Skills Standards outline the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform related jobs within an industry.

Competency Assessments test the student over material outlined in the skills standards and taught using the curriculum materials. When used with classroom performance evaluations, written competency assessments provide a means of measuring occupational readiness.

Crosswalks to National Standards

MAVCC believes that aligning instructional materials to nationally recognized industry skill standards, as well as including academic and workplace skills throughout the curriculum are essential to the success of the students in school and in the workplace. Crosswalks to National Standards, aligning MAVCC publications with the applicable national standards, are available for each MAVCC publication.