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Tech for Teachers

Some Handy Tools for You Tube

Have you ever wanted to edit a You Tube video. Here are some tools to help..

You Tube Tools

QR Codes in the Classroom?

A science teacher in Wyoming is using portable electronic devices and QR codes in the classroom rather than banning the use of the electronic devices. Read and interview with this innovative teacher below.
QR Codes in Class

Creating Interactive Games with PowerPoint

This site provides a tutorial on how to create interactive games using Powerpoint.
Interactive Games Using Powerpoint

Tech Budget

Everyone is looking for ways to stretch dollars these days. For an article on stretching your tech budget, go to the site below, give them your email and they will send you a copy of the article.
Ways to Stretch Your Tech Dollars

Integrating Media

Need help integrating new media into your classroom. Edutopia has some tips for you.
Teaching with new media

Teaching and YouTube

A descriptive list.of some of the best YouTube sites for teachers.
YouTube for Teachers

Emerging EdTech

Engaging students and enhancing learning outcomes with internet and instructional technologies.
Emerging EdTech

Reviews of Six Free Interactive Whiteboards

Reviews of Scribblar, Dabbleboard, ImaginationCubed.com, Scriblink, Writeboard, and Skrbl
Whiteboard Reviews

Dabbleboard: The Whiteboard Reinvented

Visualize, explore, and collaborate. Dabbleboard is an online collaboration application that’s centered around the whiteboard.

Every Teachers Must-Have Guide to Facebook

Information that every teacher should know about using Facebook.
Facebook for Teachers

QR Codes in the Classroom.

Forty tips for using QR codes in the classroom.
QR Codes in Classroom


Thousands of video lessons from great teachers all around the world.


From SREB, these five-minute (or shorter) Web 2.0 demonstration recordings of online techniques that made a difference in teaching and learning. Each demonstration was recorded and contributed by an online teacher.
SREB ShortTakes