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NEWTON, Ask a Scientist, is an online community created to enhance knowledge in the areas of science, math, and computer science. It was designed for K-12 educators and has information to increase knowledge for students and teachers too. The teachers' section of the NEWTON website offers ideas for science projects, field trip ideas, reference links, educational games, lesson plans, and an area where educators can submit content and ideas! There is also a section on the website to "Ask a Scientist" questions.
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Security, Law Enforcement, and Forensics
CIMC has a TLA (Technology Learning Activity) on Security, Law Enforcement, and Forensics available. It has full-color PDFs on a CD. You can order at okcimc.com

Here are some of the websites we reference in the TLA:

Egg Drop Resources

Egg Drop Podcast
Davis Creek Elementary Egg Drop site

Roller Coasters and Physics

CIMC has a Structural Engineering TLA that includes a "building a roller coaster" activity. The links below introduce these roller coaster physics concepts.
Sci-quest Roller Coaster
Amusement Park Physics
Roller Coaster Designer


Structure of the Earth
Compositional and Mechanical Layers of the Earth
Plate Tectonics--Difference Between Crust and Lithosphere
Plate Tectonics -- Evidence of plate movement
Plates Moving Due to Convection in Mantle
Plate Tectonics -- Geological Features of Convergent Plate Boundaries
Plate Tectonics -- Geological Features of Divergent Plate Boundaries
Seismic Waves
How We Know About the Earth's Core
Refraction of Seismic Waves
Why S-Waves Only Travel in Solids
Hawaiian Islands Formation


The Quizlet website offers flash cards over various topics. The Math and Science cards cover skills found in many of CIMCs TLAs especially in the Earth Science areas.
Math and Science Flash Cards