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Test Development, Administration, Interpretation, and Remediation


Test Development

Test Interpretation

Free Guide: "The Secret of Writing Multiple Choice Test Items"
Understanding the Numbers
The CareerTech Testing Matrix (The Competency Test Process)
Understanding the Numbers - II
Free Skills Standards!
Understanding the Numbers - III
Top 20 Resources for a Successful Testing Program
Understanding the Numbers-IV
Test Writing 101: Making The Grade
What Do You Need to Know About Item Analysis?
What Makes a Good Diagnostic Question?
Limitations of Test Scores
Why Do We Test Students?
Reporting Test Results to Parents
How Should We Measure an Organization’s Level of Psychometric Expertise?
10 Questions Every Parent and Student Should Ask About Testing
Why Online Assessments? Here are 10 Reasons for Making the Change from Paper and Pencil-Based Exams
Effectively Communicating the Measurement of Constructs to Stakeholders by Greg Pope and Kerry Eades
Should I Include Really Easy or Really Hard Questions on my Assessments?
Uses and Misuses of Confidence Intervals in a Psychometrics Context
5 Keys to Creating a Successful Testing Program

Tips on Building a Successful Testing Program

What Makes a Good Diagnostic Question?

Test Administration

Test Remediation

Helpful Hints for Testing Liaisons
How Do We Learn Best?...From Our Mistakes
How Secure are Your Passwords?

Assessment Security and How to Reduce Fraud

What Happens When a Student Cheats?

Study Tips and Skills

Test Anxiety

The Pygmalion Effect: Are You Guilty?

5 Ways to Improve Student Test Performance

Do You Know Who All of Your Examinees Are?

Test Taking Strategies

Five Tips to Prevent Your Student From Cheating


The Quizlet website offers flash cards over various topics. The Standardized Test cards cover advanced placement, college admission, graduate school and beyond, and miscellaneous tests such as SSAT, TOEFL, TOEIC, and driver ed and permit, .
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