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Using Wikis

On this page you will find tutorials about using the edit functions of a wikispace.

Please feel free to add your own content.

Wikispaces Tour ( A series of "how to" tours from Wikispaces.)

Wikis in Plain English (An excellent video to introduce users to wikis.)

Wetpaint Wikis in Plain English (Another CommonCraft video illustrating the use of free wikis.)

Wikis In Education (A listing of wikis created by educators around the globe.)

Wikis and Education (A great portal to many cool educational wikis.)


Getting Tricky With Wikis

Web 2.0: Cool Tools for Schools

NYC School Uses Collaborative Wikis to Cut Costs and Save Time

Tips and Tricks: Subpages - Managing wiki content through sub-pages

Wikispaces Blog -- Lots of tips, tricks, featured wikis, and much more.

Wiki-Centric Education -- An Article from T.H.E. Magazine

(Thanks to Debi Crabtree at the Hamilton County Virtual School Wiki for the resources listed above.)